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Claims FAQs

What to Do If You are in a Collision

For tips on what to do immediately following a motor vehicle accident; visit the Insurance Bureau Of Canada website.

Keeping Track of the Information

There are often many pieces of information to keep track of during a claim. Police details, repair shop numbers, names of other parties involved and witnesses. To organize your  information you may want to use the IBC's collision claim form.


If Someone Was Injured

If you or any other parties involved in the accident were injured we have Claim Advisors who specialize in handling these claims. You can rest assured we will be there for you to handle the claim promptly and fairly.


If Your Vehicle Was Stolen

Call the police. They may be able to recover your vehicle. Try not to worry - we will be there to guide you through the process.


How Long Will My Claim Take?

Every claim is unique and there are a lot of different factors that could affect how long it takes to resolve your claim. Keep in mind that even though filing a claim is probably a rare event for you, our claims teams are made up of experienced professionals who work with issues similar to your day in, day out. They'll always do their best to get your claim resolved as efficiently as possible.


What is a Deductible?

Your deductible is the amount you've agreed to pay out of your own pocket before Pembridge pays for any covered losses. Here's an example: say you have $2,000 worth of covered damage and you picked a $500 deductible. That means that you pay $500 and your auto insurer pays the rest. In cases where you're not at fault, your deductible may be waived.


What Happens if My Vehicle Cannot be Repaired?

The decision whether to repair or declare a vehicle a total loss is based on the type and the extent of damage, age of the vehicle and other factors. In order to make a decision, we will have to inspect your vehicle. If the repair estimate is more than the vehicle's worth, we will pay the actual cash value of the vehicle, up to the limits of the policy - a deductible may also apply.


What if the Repairs Are More Than the Estimate?

If you're working with a Priority Repair Option (PRO) repair shop recommended by Pembridge, then the process will be seamless. The PRO shop will work directly with Pembridge to address the additional damages. If you're not working with a PRO shop, they should still contact the appropriate Pembridge Insurance Claim Advisor to discuss any additional loss-related damage.


Will My Insurance Premium Increase if I File a Claim?

Every policyholder's situation is unique, so depending on your circumstances, your premium may be affected. If you are concerned, discuss this with your broker. Some people qualify for Accident Forgiveness, which may help prevent your rates from going up because of an accident, even if it's at-fault.


What is a PRO Shop and why should I take my car there for repairs?

A PRO Shop is a Priority Repair Option. These are pre-approved repair shops that Pembridge Insurance has established a working relationship with to ensure repair work is completed to our quality standards and performed as efficiently as possible. Another benefit is Guaranteed Repairs; when your vehicle is repaired through one of our PRO shops the repairs are guaranteed for as long as you own your vehicle.