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Roadside Assistance


Pafco Roadside Assistance – 24/7 Roadside Relief* (For residents of Quebec only)

Available for Pafco private passenger (excluding motorcycles, snowmobiles, utility trailers, travel trailers and camping trailers). For residents of Quebec only.

Need immediate assistance? Call 1-844-533-0134.



If your car breaks down, or you have a dead battery or flat tire, it can be a whirlwind of emotions. If you have Pafco Roadside Assistance, you’ll feel reassured knowing you’ll get the help you need.

Pafco Roadside Assistance includes 3 events per insurance period*:

  • Towing services due to mechanical failure†
  • Jump-starts if your battery is weak or needs recharging.
  • Tire changes if you have a flat tire.††
  • Gas delivery if you’ve run out (up to 5 liters).
  • Winching services if your vehicle is stuck in sand, mud or a ditch.
  • Key issues (e.g. if you lose your key, lock your key in your vehicle, or if the key breaks off in the ignition).

Pafco Roadside Assistance is only available to residents of Quebec; and for Pafco private passenger vehicle(s) (excluding motorcycles, snowmobiles, utility, travel and camping trailers) that are driven by Pafco insured(s) who are listed on an auto policy containing the roadside assistance program. It's also applicable everywhere in Canada and the United States (except Alaska and Hawaii). And that's not all, you have access to Pafco Roadside Assistance 24/7, 365 days a year.



Pafco Roadside Assistance is included with all new private passenger (excluding motorcycle, snowmobile, utility, travel and camping trailers) policies effective March 1, 2022 or later. For current Pafco private passenger policy holders (excluding motorcycle, snowmobile, utility, travel and camping trailers) the coverage will be added at the renewal date between May 1, 2022 to April 30, 2023.

Talk to your Broker to find out more about Pafco Roadside Assistance


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add Pafco Roadside Assistance to my policy mid term?

No, the service will automatically be added at New Business and at time of renewal only.

Where/when, will I see information about this offering? 

The system will mail a new policy declaration set to customers on New Business and Renewal.  There is a message written on the declaration page, as well as a letter informing you of the included coverage.

What would I receive in the mail when Roadside Assistance is added to a vehicle? Will I receive a card, brochure or handbook outlining the Pafco Roadside Assistance program and its features?

Insureds with the coverage will receive a letter with the details of the program. The phone number they need to call to use the service will also be included. An Information Card can be downloaded.

Can Roadside Assistance be added to a vehicle that is not a private passenger for example an RV?

No, only Private Passenger vehicles qualify.

Does Roadside Assistance cover all listed drivers on the policy?

Roadside Assistance follows the vehicle not the driver.

If the policy has two vehicles, does each vehicle receive up to 3 services?

Yes, each vehicle on the policy will be eligible.

If we have a trailer insured on our auto policy, and Roadside Assistance applied to the vehicle towing the trailer, and the trailer blows a tire, will the coverage be an option to use on the trailer?

No, Roadside Assistance is based on the registered vehicle on file.  As such, the trailer, is a separate entity, would not have access to the service as it has no license, and cannot be identified with a valid ID.  It also requires a specialized recovery and as such, implies more fees than a vehicle.  Please note that there are many nuances with trailers, including size.

What happens with the towing service if it is over 20kms?   Do I pay the difference? 

Beyond 20kms, the Eligible Person shall pay any additional costs payable to the Service Provider. Rate is dependent on the market.

What happens after I use all 3 services, can I still get a preferred rate for the other used services?

Our vendor can still coordinate the Roadside Assistance service for you, and you would be required to pay the Tow Operator directly at our rates.  Our vendor would provide the estimated cost and upon your approval, initiate dispatch.  Same applies if you exceed the 20 km coverage, you can pay the overage at a cost/km, directly to the Provider.

Why do I need to tow to a garage location rather than a residence?

Towing to a residence is not permitted due to liability exposures.

Will Pafco Roadside Assistance help in determining the closest garage location?

Yes either the dispatcher or tow truck driver can determine the closest garage.

If I need to use the 5L gas assistance, do I need to pay for the cost of the gas?

The cost of the gas is included in the assistance and is considered 1 service used.

Can I decline coverage and save premium?

No, the service is offered with every policy as a value added service.

How long will it take for a Pafco Roadside Assistance vehicle to arrive?

The industry standard response time on average for a roadside assistance service may take up to 60 minutes.

Can I request a Roadside Assistance service online?

No. The you must call the Pafco Roadside Assistance line at 1-844-533-0134.


*A maximum of three events per insurance period.
 †Towing services to the garage of your choice; up to 20 kilometers one way.

††If the tire needs to be replaced and you don’t have a spare tire, Pafco Roadside Assistance will tow to the garage of your choice; up to 20 kilometers one way.

Roadside assistance services are provided by an independent third party. It may share information with Pafco Insurance Company so we may better serve you. Conditions, limitations, and exclusions apply. This page provides general information only about Roadside Assistance and its services. Your insurance policy contract always takes precedence. Please contact your broker for more information.